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how's my driving?
What do you think of my Hermione? Am I doing poorly or  well and you want to let me know? Just a general question?

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[There once was a little witch who had quite injured the several years she had spent away from this blasted place. Needless to say, of course, she had forgotten all about that time when she was away... But when she awoke this fine morning, was less than pleased than to remember Mayfield and the near year she had been there before.]

[A C T I O N --> Housemates ]

[Unfortunately, being married to her husband the last few years has rubbed off on her. Quite a bit. She's not all too happy to be here which makes her, unfortunately, snappish should you meet up with her. Hermione's currently taking inventory of the house, frowning at the images that are so much more wrong now that she was no longer eighteen.]

[Well, she has the decency to knock when she enters rooms still, at least. But, unfortunately for the rest of the household, she's really not in the mood.]

[P H O NE --> Unfiltered.]

Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Things have only just began to settle again back home, there's no way I can be here-- [An annoyed sounding huff, someone is really not in the mood.] If memory serves it can't be more than two months... But it's been years back home. And of course they've gone and done it at the most inopportune times. [She has a daughter now. She can't be here.]

[There's a sound of frustration before she speaks.] But of course, manners. Sorry, this is all just a bit much. I was here before... Not to long ago for many of you, it seems. I'm Hermione Weasl--Granger. [They'd know her by her maiden name, huh?] If anything too drastic has happened since my departure, would anyone let me know? I used to have records... but those must be long since lost.

As for the DA... Did it manage to carry on? I apologize for my absence, there must have been some difficulties with a place for it-- [And a pause, as she just had to say it.] I do hope you didn't manage to let it go to ruin, Caesar.

Well... I suppose that's it, if anyone knows anything more I'd love to hear it.

[A C T I O N--> around town]

[And like her previous stay, the woman has taken up a patrol around the town. Mostly it was just to see if there was any changes too drastic... Another part of her wished she'd come across someone she knew before. Of course, they might not recognise her, but she might them. Really, she just wanted some familiarity and that's where the walk came in... As much as many memories hurt to serve.]
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Do not leave your houses and stay where things cannot be easily broken into. Windows, doors, slotholes and the like must be avoided. High places are often best... Oh, but I've never dealt with or studied zombies much. Inferi or horrid enough, I don't know what should be said beyond what can be found in all the cliche movies.

[She sounds frustrated with herself before speaking again, the seriousness leaking in once more.]

I'm opening the Defense Association's meeting room to anyone in need. It's normally meant to be where we ractice, but it's large enough to hold dozens of people. I've fortified so it can't be easily broken into, with shield charms and the like. If anyone is need of a place to go return this phone call and I'll find a way to get you here. I would prefer if you didn't try to get here yourself.

To the D.A., if you would call and let myself or any of the others know and relay messages between each other that would be wonderful.

As for-- As for anything else, I've never fought against zombies-- strictly speaking, Inferi aren't really the same-- but nevermind that... If anyone needs help I'll assist in anyway I can manage.
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[After the D.A. meeting, Hermione had once more been droned. It seemed a habit lately, really, but it was only this morning she returned to her normal self and after some investigating... Well, there were tears abroad, needless to say. Immediately returning home, she didn't think to go to work and it was only when she calmed herself slightly she found the phone--]

[Voice cracking as she tried to hold back tears, she spoke.]

F-For those that knew them... Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are... are no longer themselves. I-I've no idea how long they've been this way.

[A considerable pause. Over a dozen people from her world had appeared and disappeared since her arrival eight months ago. Her best friends, one of them being her boyfriend took its considerable toll. Especially knowing what awaited them if they truly went home. With a shaky breath she centered herself to speak once more.]
I'll not be coming into work for the next few days. If--If it's an emergency, well, you know where to find me.

[And with that the phone clicked off.]

[ACTION: With that, Hermione can be found in the park for the rest of the day. Her jaw set as she held back what emotions were roiling within her. Everything, absolutely everything, was catching up. Since she arrived she'd seen dozens of people she cared for be droned, some died. In her entire time here she came fresh from being tortured to just after a war.

She'd managed to keep together so far, but really, with the other two gone everything was cracking.

Her wand was held in hand as she conjured meaningless things, the canaries made an appearance. But those were futile, really, as she shook her head and laughed harshly. Really. This was a sick joke.]
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 [Hermione's had a rough couple of days, to say the least! Having the person who tortured you and you knew to be dead suddenly turn up? Well, it's enough to cause anyone emotional turmoil. So on the morning she decides to give her warning also ends up being the day Mayfield starts it's latest game. Onward!]

[Filtered from the obvious suspects plus all our HP baddies.... (Bellatrix and Draco)]

I wouldn't normally find this my place to say anything, but as it were... [A breath.] With the recent string of arrivals someone from my world has shown up. Her name is Bellatrix Lestrange and if you have any sense I advise to avoid her at all costs. She's a deranged murderer who escaped a prison that's near impossible to do so. Azkaban Prison is guarded by creatures who make people relive their worst memories and make it appear as if you can never be happy again... If it's any credibility, she doesn't have seem to let it effect her at all when most go insane. She is not mentally stable and will torture you if given the chance. Especially...
Especially if you go against her master's wishes or are a Muggle-- someone without magic in our world. Being Muggleborn, magical with non-magic parents, is just as bad. [Oh and here's where the truth comes in!] I should know-- before I arrived here I was tortured by her hands for being a Muggleborn. I would be dead if not for Harry and Ron. [She shook her head and another breath.]
Luckily, as she is new in Mayfield, she doesn't have her magic which enables her to use torture spells, but there are other ways. I'm sure she'll use them if she has the means... It really is in your best interests to avoid her at all costs.

[Filtered to Harry and Ron]
We need to talk. The three of us.
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introspection )
[ P H O N E  » The telephone picks up a little while alter after she's finished reading the journals. There was a few interruptions as things happened in the household and she'd found herself quite happy to be willing to do whatever it was. Yet, even the drone of her liked to read which cause the husband to chuckle lightly. 
She shook head as she situated herself before propping open the journals.]
I am Hermione Jean Granger. Born September 19, 1979 in England of the United Kingdom. When I was eleven years old I found out I was a witch accepted to Hogwarts School. My best friends are Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter... 

[A pause and a shifting of paper as she changes journals.]
One of Mayfield's favorite past times is acts of physical and mental torture. Within the past eight months there have been two occurrences in which it has had us try to murder each other. There are statues for the most recent in the bowling alley. [More shifting of paper] There is a tendency within the town to use our emotions and memories against us. [More paper shifting!] On Valentine's Day of my fourth month here they implanted memories of our love for someone else within the community...

[The shifting stops and she quiets!] Memories.
I must admit it's all a bit hard to believe. If it isn't true than I must have quite the imagination to think up such things. I mean-- after all-- isn't Mayfield lovely? Today hardly seems a day that I describe here! But it is a bit silly... it feels strange thinking about it. Something doesn't appear right about the whole matter and this certainly is my own writing. I'm quite adamant in most of this, I must say...
Oh. There's other matters, but I'm wary of testing those. 
[Another pause and she slips as she rubs a hand to her temple.] Merlin, this is getting ridiculous. I know exactly who I am why am I questioning myself? It's obvious Mayfield is up to its old acts. It must be. To the D.A. -- Well, we are rather silly aren't we? Nothing ever happens here! Ridiculous to believe otherwise.
[Oh a frustrated sound as the phone cuts off. As much as she wants to believe well... yeah, it's a hard stuggle.]



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[ i n t r o s p e c t i o n ]
[Someone was undroned late the night of the third, into the last of the chaos that was Killfield. Lovely.  Which gave her more than enough time to get what was going on and that people were staying dead for the duration of her droning. Unhappy as she was with the matters, it wasn't until the fifth her voice came over the phones!]

[ p h o n e ]
I've mentioned it once before around Christmas, but now I'm more convinced than before. Mayfield is determined to keep us separated. The last three major events it's projected has only proven that. After Christmas they listed names of people who did not wish to go home in attempt to arouse our anger, on April Fool's they gave those of us with less morality they duty to kill each other if we went certain places, and now it's also performed this.

Mayfield has plenty of tricks up it's sleeve, but it all boils back down to this idea, doesn't it?  Mayfield knows how to play with our biggest weakness and it's that we're not unified enough. They're carving holes right into any strong bonds we may have and weakening it-- It had been my hope that the Defense Association might help a little bit, but we're only one group of people.
If we truly want to survive Mayfield, we must all realize we have a common objective.

I will not pretend to know everything, when it comes to Mayfield we can hardly be certain of anything at all. The fact is, however, it's proven time-and-again that it can defeat us without any means than ourselves. And... if anything else, that we should be expecting new visitors soon, as well. It' about that time again.

...Aside from that, how is everyone fairing? 

[ f i l t e r e d → defense association only ]

I'm calling a mandatory meeting tomorrow evening. The only excuses I will take if you're droned or it's a life-or-death situation. Otherwise, if you do not come you're out of the association. I believe this meeting reasonable, considering recent events.

Don't bring anything to practice with, it won't be necessary.
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 [ P H O N E → filtered from the usual suspects ; get ready for the tl;dr ]

Mayfield really is getting far too predictable. You can almost estimate the time of when it'll start being active again if there isn't a holiday around to appease it. These censuses remind me far too much of what happened at Christmas Time and I doubt any of us want a repeat of that. Except this time it seems to be about patriotism and birth rights.
I'm curious-- What is everyone else's thoughts on the matter?
As it stands, for any of the D.A. members if you find anything odd going on your street I'd like to ask you try and contact the rest of us. I'm still working on more efficient means for quick contact but, as it stands, I have very little of my ability to do so quite yet. I'd like to get a more permanent network set up for matters like this.It's also probably for the best to call another meeting as soon as possible.  ...What with the newest bits I'd prefer to be overly prepared than under. 
Seeing as the newest wave of arrivals has calmed down I suspect we should be seeing more in about two weeks. For now, if you're new I hope you've done... all right, despite the circumstances. Arrivals in Mayfield are nearly always anything but pleasant, thankfully quite a lot of people are good about greeting newcomers. If there's anyway I may help, I'd love to try. It's the least anyone can do in our current situation.

If for some reason anyone needs me I'll be taking my shift at the library and then going over to the lake for a bit.

For those who might be curious Ron Weasley is still droned.
[ A C T I O N → library ]
[As she said, Hermione is indeed at the library. Putting the books back on their shelves and helping check people out, it's a ritual by now. Including scolding kids running throughout the area. But when she has time she's jotting away in a notebook. Take your pick.]
[ A C T I O N → lake ]
[The last time she had been to the lake was... her technical date with Ron. She hadn't come here since and avoided it since he was droned, but it was peaceful and Hermione did need time to think and work out her notes. Merlin, it almost reminded her of the times she spent at the Black Lake at Hogwarts... And speaking of Merlin, she met him of course.]

[For her time at the lake it's either sitting near the fishy smelling thing looking at the surface of it and thinking... Or she's reading a book she's picked up. Or, even, her head is bent over the journal she had at the library, hand flicking across as she wrote more notes or wrote other things. Other books, notebooks, papers, etc litter the ground around her and are all weighed down by rocks.]
[Yeah, she's totally distracted.]

[ P H O N E → filtered to Nina and Caesar ]

About your ideas. Whatever Mayfield is planning with this census I believe it's a good idea we get them under way.

[ P H O N E → filter to Tiffany and Crowe]
I finished the both of yours books. Thank you for allowing me to read them they were all interesting, in their own right. I'll be sure to bring them to your houses soon if you don't mind telling me when I can come over.
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[Having fallen asleep in Gryffindor Tower only hours before, Hermione was ,more than a little alarmed by the sudden jostle of the bed as the new!Drone husband got up. Her hand groped for her wand before spinning around to see if there was something there. The drone!Husband laughed at her reaction, wished her the Happy Mother's Day, pressed his lips to her forehead and left before... Hermione's mind could quite catch up.]

[When it clicked her breath hitched and she moved a little like a sleepwalker to the calendar on the all. May Eighth... What day had it been last she was here? May Sixth. A month she had spent at home... hardly over two days here in Mayfield. She swallowed hard. Where were Kai, Jade and Harry?]

[Steeling herself, she went down the stairs noticing the images with the people she hadn't met yet. Picking up one of the envelope tucked away by the door she frowned. 451 Stone Street. What was the point in changing her house all of a sudden? How many of the household were drones currently?]

[It was over. Everything was all finally over. She should be at home helping the others, rebuilding the castle, burying the dead... Returning her parent's memories. Instead... instead she was stuck in this blasted place again. It took a lot not to let the tears fall yet. Instead, her hand reached the phone and now with a breath sends out phone calls.]
I should have expected Mayfield to do something like this. Hardly two days has passed here and it's been... almost a month that I've been home. [Her brows furrow.] It also seems I'm no longer living in my old house-- for those who knew I lived on Kramden Road you can now find me at 451 Stone street according to the mail here.
I've only been gone for two days in the town's time, but has anything happened while I was gone? Knowing Mayfield something possibly might have.
[[Filtered to the Harry Potter cast that's around, aside from Lucius and Tom.]]
Is everyone still here?

[[Filtered to Harry Potter]]
We need to talk.
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 [She takes a shaky moment before speaking into the phone.]

Ron... He's been droned. I went to visit him earlier and, well... He hasn't been here long enough to see if he has many items or if it's permanent or not.

I'm not sure-- [She's swallowing hard.] It seems quite a few of us are being droned recently.

[Action A: And she's not taking the droning easily. Considering the two had finally got their act together and formed some sort of relationship it's hitting her hard. She is refusing to cry, however! Or trying not to-- but considering how last time she "lost" Ron she cried for a week, longer really, well... it's hard to say she won't. She can be found around town, though! Walking, at the park, library, or store. Have at it broseph.]

[Action B: Eventually she'll seek out Harry somewhere in the house to check on him. With all the dronings recently, well, she's reasonably worried.]

[OOC: Since godmod rights appeared to be with Harry and Hermione we just decided to leave Ron droned instead of godmodding fgfdg /hates godmodding aah. SO. :| That just means depressing the other half of the trio ffuu.]
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 [Hermione was relieved to see that, so far on Easter, the morning had been relatively normal by Mayfield's standards. Which was good, because she had decided to take a leaf out of her second Mum's book today and... make easter eggs for people. Not exactly the typical sort either, chocolate ones with assorted candies on the inside. It was tricky but she thought she got it right-- there were only a few she had to throw away, at least.]

[So today Hermione can be found in several places as she tries to enjoy at least one Holiday:

1486 Kramden Road: In the Living Room on the couch reading a book. Three--well four, one for the Drone hanging around, of course, set up on the nearby coffee tables. They should be relatively easy to figure out since they've all got something painted on them they enjoy-- Harry snitches, Jade (frogs??) Kai (something! ) Yep.]

[Around town: She'll walk up to every Defense Association, Co-Workers, Castmates [save Tom and Lucius, although his son is a D.A. member] house with the chocolate eggs. For the co-workers and D.A. members they're decorated, but not personalized if she doesn't know the person well enough (Tiffany has books on hers okay). Otherwise, all castmates have something equivalent to their likes as well as others.]

[Anyone she's talked to several times or consider her a "friend" may also find her on their doorstep with decorative chocolate, candy filled eggs. Yep.]

[[OOC: basically this is a free for all post. if your character's met hermione more than once or they're considered friends, feel free to have her give them an easter egg whatever. if you're a member of the house she's going to feel free to respond as well, there's a d.a. member list on this journal for easy access. otherwise tags won't be until i get home from easter dinner in about four hours... unless i steal my friends computer.]]
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 [ACTION A: The first place you can find Hermione at today is the library! With the little frustrated expression as she puts the books away with a demeanor that's not quite like how she is with books. Yes, the Mayfield idea of books that are appropriate for a person still disgusts her after all these months. When the books, or before even, she'll be there to approach and help anyone who needs it. Even if she doesn't like the library particularly she's got a responsibility and you know... it's not really the patron's faults.]

[ACTION B: Later on when she's back at home she'll have found some sort of book to read and is on the front porch. However, the girl on the porch isn't something that's the eye catching part.

The orange, bowlegged half-cat has taken it to him to pace around the yard and hiss at any one that passes-- however he seems a little more anxious around the drones, for whatever reason. If you get too close to his proclaimed "area" you might just want to back out and fast. The cat's anxious and he will attack.]

[PHONE: As the night wears on Hermione will pick up the phone and there's a certain edge to her voice. Not a bad one, perhaps, but it's as if she doesn't expect it to be true.]
I was wondering if anyone had any books I may borrow? And not the sort of rubbish you can find in the library [--an unfamiliar disdain to the words is in her voice. In fact there's a clip in her voice that sounds like she's surprised to hear herself say it.] I'd prefer the more educational sort, but at this point anything would be wonderful.
[OOC: AS A NOTE. Crookshanks, Hermione's half-cat/half-kneazle creature in her world is... "a very big cat or quite a small tiger" in terms of size. And he is dangerous, although the cat in him has limited this quite a bit. If he had more kneazle in him this might be a more troubling thing. AS IT IS... He's more like a familiar to Hermione and gets bad vibes from drones due to his senses and will attack *anything* that seems off to him. This is canon. S-so yeah. MOST HE DOES IS TACKLE AND SCRATCH. REALLY.]
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Well, after everything that's happened recently it's relieving to know Mayfield's becoming slightly more predictable. When I arrived new residents were still arriving at any time in the month, it appears that others are now being dragged in primarily at the beginning of the month. Still, it would be better if no one else was dragged into this mess.

For those of you who are new, my name's Hermione Granger. I haven't been here nearly as long as many of the others, nearly half a year soon, but if there's any way I can help with your... transition to life in Mayfield. Thankfully things have calmed down quite a fair amount than what it was a few days ago so you might have it easier. I know there's a pamphlet going around that will give you all the information you need to know so it would help greatly if you got a hold of someone who has one. [She has one, but only her copy.] Aside from holidays Mayfield tends to be fairly quiet.

Regarding recent events, if anyone has any more information I'd appreciate hearing it. There's not much of it we can trust of it given the state of the matter, but there could be something. I've already written down what was said over the telephones but having more of it would be brilliant.
[STILL PHONE, but filtered from the usual  suspects as well as Tom Riddle and Lucius Malfoy.]
With everything that's happened recently, I feel it would be best to start things with the Defense Association. For those of you who don't know this is a group we-- I'm starting up so we may learn to defend ourselves while in Mayfield. We've already learned that we can't trust anything Mayfield does or gives us, even if it's our own. The idea behind it is to learn many different methods of protection that we'll be capable of here in Mayfield-- in hopes that it will do some good.
Many of you showed interest in it the last time, but if there's anyone else who would like to join, even if you've just arrived, let me know in this phone call. I'll be sure to let everyone know within a week's notice when we plan to meet, but won't send out the date until the day of. This is mostly so we don't become too predictable. I've been told we can use the gym at the school during the evenings, so we're set there.

As this will be the first meeting, I'll say this, any rules will be laid out clearly there and if you don't abide by them I'm afraid you won't be allowed to come to any more meetings. We're a Defense Association and I won't have that become anything less.
[STILL PHONE! Filtered to the HP KIDS MINUS Lucius and Tom.]
I'm not sure how many of you received his telephone call, but it would seem Lucius Malfoy has joined us. He said a Mister Potter informed him about Mayfield, so I'm going to have to assume that wasn't Harry.
Honestly, I highly doubt we can do anything about it, but if you hadn't known... Well, you do now, I suppose.
[After everything is said and done! Hermione will be out at the park with her book, because that is what Hermione's do when they're thinking. They pick up a book and think more.]

[Feel free to interrupt.]
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[After the Dairy battle and visiting the Post Office, Hermione's still apprehensive even with everything she'd gotten tucked away in the tiny beaded bag as she went home. She doesn't trust this, not in the least... but you know. This is Mayfield, of course you can't trust anything.]

I don't trust it. Even if he appeared to be on our side in the end, I don't believe the town would let it be so easy. The Dairy is still wide open, but considering last time that doesn't mean much of anything.

[She's thinking. This is Hermione and she will nettle.]

...Just be careful, everyone. Whatever happens. 


A while ago I offered you the usage of a message system that doesn't require the phones or Town means. While I'm not certain if I'll be able to use it after all this is over or even how the town will try to prevent this sort of thing-- I'm capable of performing two methods at the moment if you want to. 

If you'd like to use them, especially regarding circumstances, the offer still stands.

[With that said the phone is clicked off and:]

[ACTION A: for housemates and those on Kramden road: Hermione's not taking any chances. She's setting up the protective spells around the house as she did in the tent when the trio were on the run. Rather they will work successfully or not is... of course up to the town itself.]

[ACTION B: She'll be standing across the street from the dairy with a frown, her arms crossed and nothing but a stick and a bag on her. Hermione's trying to figure out the best course of action just now.]
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[Waking up after being possessed… and dying. Well, that was something Hermione had never expected. Hadn’t even fully believed could happen in Mayfield until it happened just the night before. There was a mixture of emotions to this, being reminded of certain things back home and all. Looking into the eyes of the Basilisk made the person either killed or petrified… This was the same. Something about the thought was nauseating.]

rushed phonecall to ron )

action for harry )
harry potter cast )
[As a Note, actual possession/death has been handwaved because... I spent most of the day staring at word and writing nothing but introspection and got frustrated. This is cast directed and I apologize ;A; I normally try to avoid that, but for now Hermione's keep concerns... closer to home.]
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[March had arrived which meant she was back to the month when she was pulled from home... just decades before. Still, for her March now contained some rather unpleasant memories, but for today all of that is put aside. March had been horrid for the trio with camping in the woods, little to eat, and, well, everything. If there was a chance to celebrate something even slightly normal? She'd go for it. Which was why she planned for March first since he arrived a week or so before. She's been as secretive as she gets, too.]


Ron? I realize you're still getting use to the town and everything, but may I ask you to come over at some time today? ..If it's not too much trouble, that is.

[Filtered to the rest of town excluding Ron.]

Might I ask what everyone usually does for birthdays in Mayfield? Or, to be more precise, when you just recently had one at home?
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